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"At Paysme, we required a cost-effective solution to scale up our development team and improve our product delivery."

Client background

Local markets are key to the success of healthy high streets and town centres but in order to thrive they need to adapt to the needs of modern consumers and adopt tools more often associated with bigger businesses. Marketti, a Paysme owned service, addresses the two main current issues facing UK local markets today:

Firstly, it brings together market operators and market, street food and festival traders to provide an online information service to consumers on where to eat, drink and shop at markets in their local area.

Secondly, it provides a contactless mobile payments platform that allows traders to take payments for their goods and services from visiting consumers. Additionally, in the near future the payments platform will be extended to provide a fully comprehensive mobile commerce platform enabling traders to sell goods to consumers online as well as within their local markets.

Endorsed by The National Association of British Market Authorities (NABMA) and used by markets including Borough, Portobello and Camden, Marketti provides a unique and single solution for both local market discovery and taking payments.

"At Paysme, we required a cost-effective solution to scale up our development team and improve our product delivery. Aecor advised on our approach, whilst helping us meet our resourcing requirements."

Aecor's Role

Aecor worked with Paysme throughout the process, from the initial Marketti conception through to platform launch. Initially, members of the Aecor client service team worked alongside Paysme to determine the key project objectives, craft the product roadmap in-line with key commercial milestones and translate the key functional requirements of the platform in to a prototype and a specification document for the Aecor development team to execute.

The platform consists of a number components:

  • Responsive consumer facing website
  • Consumer facing app (iOS and Android)
  • A login area on the app for traders to manage their products and take contactless payments from consumers
  • A content management system (CMS) for Marketti and market operators to manage their back office functions e.g. managing markets, traders, consumer accounts and payments

The Aecor development team managed all aspects of the build. The delivery team included an overall Project Manager, Scrum Master, front end HTML developers, back end developers and both iOS and Android mobile developers.

The project was run on an agile basis to cater to the client’s requirements for periods of refinement given Marketti was a new proposition and new product launch. The project was built on time and on budget.

The Aecor team continue to work alongside Paysme to:

  • Manage all aspects of the Marketti infrastructure, including 24x7x365 support and full system administration of their AWS environment
  • Maintain, develop and iterate the Marketti platform