Prolius - Simplifying fleet and workforce management
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"Aecor’s extensive experience and agile approach to technology has helped us to build, integrate and scale at great speed."

Client background

As an industry-leading tech-first business, Prolius delivers cutting edge fleet and workforce management software within a simple unified platform to manage business operations.

Bringing fleet and workforce management solutions to organisations of all sizes, Prolius uses the latest technology to digitally transform the way in which businesses operate by providing them with the tools they need to improve fleet management and increase mobile workforce productivity from a single place.

Originally launched in 2017 as imastr (encompassing fleetmastr and jobmastr as their fleet and workforce platforms) realising a need for an industry technological overhaul and smarter way of working, Aecor was appointed to help develop, build and re-launch the newly renamed Prolius brand by forming two core products; Prolius Fleet and Prolius Workforce.

"Aecor’s extensive experience and agile approach to technology has helped us to build, integrate and scale at great speed. Along with our rebrand, our improved technological capabilities have helped to cement our position within the digital fleet and workforce management market."

Aecor's Role

As a pioneering business platform across fleet & workforce management, Prolius needed  to focus their strengths within the marketplace as major players in delivering exceptional digital solutions to streamline business processes. 

Based on their vast tech experience and capabilities, Aecor was chosen as the ideal digital partner to work with Prolius in managing their entire re-launch and platform re-build.

Tasked with building an unrivalled platform that seamlessly manages fleet operations and mobile workforces, Aecor delivered a truly unified end-to-end digital operations solution aimed at businesses of all sizes.

Combined with continuous innovation and a future-proofed software capability, Aecor were able to provide Porlius with a team of tech experts dedicated  to building a single platform provisioned with security, reliability and scalability at its very core, ensuring that they deliver improved performance and accelerated digital transformation to their customers.

From the re-design, UI / UX and build of the new website, through to platform and app build and development, Aecor’s team managed the entire process through: 

  • New fully responsive website UX/UI design
  • App integration across various client’s third party software
  • Design and build of Prolius Fleet & Prolius Workforce apps across IOS and android devices
  • Provision of a dedicated Prolius tech team resource
  • Full project management from build to ongoing development support
  • Third party integration of applications and hardware

The Aecor team continues to work alongside Prolius to:

  • Continually develop and build new features and integrations
  • Maintain and support all web development services
  • Provide dedicated tech teams
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