Here's how we work

Every day our clients are striving to be their best. We owe them the same commitment and dedication in helping them achieve it. Our philosophy is to hire a diverse range of team members who come from all backgrounds, experiences and perspectives. We emphasise learning, innovation and making Aecor a fulfilling, challenging and fun place to work.

We’re building a collaborative, inclusive and thoughtful team that’s greater than the sum of its parts. Do you want to be part of it?


Our interview process

The hiring process can be exciting and daunting at the same time! We'd like to offer some clarity and insight into the hiring process at Aecor, in hopes that it makes all our candidates feel more at ease. Here are the steps we follow when considering every job application. Feel free to reach us at for further queries!

1. Online Application

We accept applications online through various mediums as per their convenience. Candidates can apply through website, email or Linkedin.

2. Screening Application

Your application will be reviewed in accordance with the current open position.

3. Screening Call

If your resume is shortlisted, you will receive a call from HR. No revert indicates a lack of suitable positions at that time.

4. Technical Interview

You will receive an email with the Interview Call Letter along with the meeting link.

5. Technical / Practical Interview (2nd Round), if required

There will be one more technical round or you will have to spend 6 to 7 hours attempting the assigned task. You will be asked to create a system using the appropriate tech stack.

6. HR Round

You will have a friendly conversation with the HR, and you can clear all your queries.

7. Offer and Acceptance Letter

If selected, we will roll out an offer that best suits your profile. Upon your confirmation, you will be welcome to the Aecor Family.

8. Pre-Boarding & On- Boarding Process

You will receive en email 3-4 days prior to your joining date with necessary details like reporting time, induction shcedule etc.

Current positions

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Aecor specialise in start-ups, innovation and early stage growth projects and have offices in London (UK) and Gujarat (India). Find out more about Aecor and our Leadership Team.