What are the key challenges with outsourcing?

Some of the key challenges of outsourcing include poor communication, lack of understanding and slower turnaround.

At Aecor, we have overcome this by ensuring that all client projects are managed and communicated from here in the UK. Similarly, all of our design, UI, UX, research, technical planning and project management is conducted in the UK, using a local and dedicated point of contact. Only our software development is carried out offshore.

Our software development team are located in India. All of our developers boast an excellent level of spoken and written English. We use the most modern and efficient tools to aid communication and have a state-of-the-art office infrastructure to deliver excellent levels of performance.

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Our approach

We adopt a very disciplined yet Agile approach to software development. We run regular stand ups, sprint planning, elaboration and retrospectives. The following tools are good examples of what we use to manage our internal processes:

There’s a good chance that you are using some or all of these tools already - but even if you are, we can still help you get the best out of them.


Aecor provide clients with direct access to our core project tools. By doing this, it creates a greater sense of collaborative throughout the project - leading to a more seamless development cycle and a better end result.

Transparency across our work streams will often lead to identifying potential issues or bottlenecks a lot earlier in a project, which in turn provides more time and understanding to resolve (or de-risk) them.

Remember, we work as an extended part of your team. We work best when we work together.

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We pride ourselves in software development

Our software development team houses the very best of talent in Mobile and Web Development, Front End Design, Information Architecture, Systems Administration and Quality Assurance.

Aecor operates from the heart of Vadodara’s tech hub in Gujarat (India). To put things into perspective, the population of Gujarat is greater than that of the entire United Kingdom - and we hire the very best from the talent pool.

All of our developers are equipped with the most modern tools and work from a state-of-the-art office - all on super high-speed broadband with resilient networking facilities.

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Use a team that is always on the front foot

At Aecor, we take research and development seriously. We invest in the continual training and development of our staff, who in turn are keen to explore and find out more about emerging trends and technologies. This approach not only keeps our staff both loyal and engaged, but it also benefits your business by leveraging their expertise to help take your product to the next level.

Our promise

If you are still unsure about outsourcing and need more of a safety net, always remember that we also have an office based here in London!

Our UK operations team and customer account managers are here to help. Just pick up the phone and give us a call, or drop an email to our friendly support team. We promise that you won’t be disappointed when working with Aecor.

Save up to 80% on your digital costs by using Aecor!

It really is that simple. If you choose to outsource with Aecor, our model of working can provide you with up to 80% in cost savings whilst also improving your overall digital operations.

Get in touch today and see how Aecor can help your business.