Johan Haynes

Product Director

Johan Haynes is the Product Director of Aecor and serves on it's Leadership Team. Johan was Hive's Global Head of Digital and Ecommerce, responsible for the company’s international digital operations, including end-to-end management of Hive’s ecommerce platform, digital sales channels and online performance across all global regions. He also led Hive's off-shore web resource and championed innovative initiatives including Agile methodologies, data layer architecture and MI, new web tooling and technologies and digital optimisation.

Prior to joining Hive, Johan was CEO and founder of Club Website, an online football start-up leading the company to a successful exit in 2015 (with over 1 million users). Johan also worked with Verizon (formerly MCI-Worldcom) and UUNET working within their International Commercial Bid Management team in London where he led partnership network solutions and integration.